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Photography is one of the things I’ve always had a natural eye for. When I look back at my senior trip pictures I realized I may have been in two or three. I’ve always been behind the camera and in 2006 I decided to turn it into a business. I used my income tax check and bought my first professional camera. I didn’t have any official education or training passion drove me into who I am today in the business.

Once you start a business you begin to notice you competition and you began to education yourself on the industry to find you niche. The industry said pick what you want to do and master that one thing. When you are driven by passion you want to learn and shoot everything. For the first five year my interest was music and models. That is all I wanted to do and everything else I would turn it away. I was shooting pictures and doing graphic design for rappers and models. Around 2010 I noticed my portfolio had weddings and family portraits as well.

My business shifted and I opened a portrait studio in 2013 and I have been building relationships ever since. Growing a creative business is no easy task you have to wear so many hats while maintaining excellent customer service and producing top quality work. Over the years I’ve learned to edit images, graphic design, web design, and now video. So I think it’s fair to say I my passion is still driving my growth.

You can’t go wrong by choosing me to bring your vision to life and I can create anything visual you’ll ever want and need. I’d like to hear how I can be of service to you.

Leetric Walker

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